Sustainability LeadershipLet’s be honest: it is far easier to talk about topics such as sustainable business, or sustainable travel and tourism than to actually put theory into practice. Learning from best practice examples is a good way to approach the sustainability challenge.

The mission of Sustainability-Leaders.com is to advance environmental best practice and sustainability in the travel and tourism industry.

In our blog we share the stories of people, businesses and places already leading in environmental best practice and sustainability, and provide some (hopefully) useful information on latest sustainability related issues, books, research and learning opportunities.

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Sustainable travel and tourism

Green travelsustainable tourism – oxymoron? How does “world’s largest industry” (measured by people employed) cope with environmental challenges, such as climate change? Which tour operators, hotels and travel destinations are leading in sustainable tourism and eco-friendly travel? Answers to these questions are now more urgent than ever. Visit the theme page on green travel and sustainable tourism for more.

Sustainability – what?

If you are wondering what sustainability actually means because you see the term appear in all sorts of places and situations, well, you are not alone. Basically, the meaning of sustainability and sustainable development depends on the context in which those terms are used. Definitions of sustainability in a business context can be quite different to definitions of sustainability or sustainable development, say, in an urban development context.

For some people, sustainability is about protecting the natural environment and environmental resources for future generations. Others link it to social justice or never-ending economic prosperity. Very broadly, the idea behind sustainability is:

Sustainability: To live well and to prosper (both persons and organisations) without limiting the ability of others (neighbors, community, stakeholders, but also future generations) to live well and to prosper.

Sustainability-related topics previously covered on Sustainability-Leaders.com:

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