Sustainability Leaders is dedicated to telling the stories of leaders in sustainability around the world.

Our mission is to motivate and inspire professionals to benefit from sustainability as strategy, and to help businesses and places communicate their sustainability initiatives to global audiences.

As travellers, consumers, citizens, businesses, organizations and service providers, we are all in this together. By following examples of leaders in the field of sustainability, it is much easier to put strategies in place. It is certainly easier than having to start from scratch.

We realize that while there is a lot of technical information out there on how to implement specific environmental practices, there is a need to share the insights and experiences of sustainability thinkers and doers – especially in world’s largest industry by persons employed: travel and tourism.

The purpose of our website  is:

  • To feature the best examples (hotels, tours and destinations) of sustainability in travel and tourism
  • To tell the stories of sustainability thinkers and doers around the world
  •  To inspire and encourage travel & tourism decision-makers to embrace sustainability and to “get on with it”

And because travel and tourism is a people business, we focus on those persons taking a lead – helping their country, destination and community.

Sustainability Leaders Interviews

Get to know the persons who drive sustainability in travel and tourism through our interviews with sustainable tourism thinkers and doers. Learn about their motivations, successes, challenges, strategies and advice for those eager to engage with sustainability in their tourism business or destination.

Latest interviews with sustainable tourism thinkers and doers:

Sustainable Tourism Stories and Best Practice Examples

Learning by example is by far the best way to approach the sustainability challenge. In our stories and examples section you will find examples of hotels, tours and destinations leading the way in sustainable tourism.

Latest stories and examples of sustainability leadership in travel and tourism:

Research Insights and Expert Advice

From time to time we invite experts – academics and practitioners – to share their insights and thoughts on topics relevant for travel and tourism professionals. Interested in contributing? Get in touch!

Latest sustainable tourism research insights: