CEOs: Sustainability Important to Future Business Success

The vast majority of CEOs see sustainability as an engine of growth, writes Tracey de Morsella on “Despite an overall trend towards seeing sustainability as an opportunity for value creation and business success, according to a new research study published today by the United Nations Global Compact and Accenture, there are major differences in perceptions of sustainability between CEOs in different industry sectors, as well as significant gaps in the level of integration of sustainability already achieved in their companies.”

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This new study confirms what most would have expected. Not only is it easier for some industries to “green up” than it is for others (considering supply chain options, for example), industries also get different kinds of expectations from consumers and regulators. Finances and IT, for instance, might be less in the sustainability spotlight than, say, Food or Tourism. That 93 percent of 766 surveyed CEOs consider sustainability important or very important to the future success of their company is pleasing. What worries me though are the remaining 53 and a half chief executives. Are they just too old to bother? If not, they should probably go back to business school  – and soon. Online, green and sustainability MBA courses.

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4 thoughts on “CEOs: Sustainability Important to Future Business Success

  1. Yeah, it is true that some top business leaders are looking for sustainability as the top priority into their business models but the rate is very low. Simple environmental economics – cost benefit analysis is always a top criteria. organization like CDP is working well in this regards by incorporating investors interest in the disclose process. Lets expect increasing awareness in the same direction.

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