Sustainable Business: Becoming ‘Green’ Only The Start

Being a sustainable business now is more than just managing the benefits you can see on your balance sheet. As the Guardian points out, “sustainable business is increasingly a necessity in ensuring continuity and smart effectiveness, as resource stress and climate change becomes more of a reality. Rather than a narrow focus on reducing the impact of their operations, some of the smartest companies profiled on these pages are starting to see sustainability as a tool to drive innovation and improve business. Some have started coining this “climate smart” or “climate positive”. Call it what you like, sustainable business is about ensuring your organisation isn’t just green, but is able to grow despite the increasing challenges of climate change, water, food and energy pressures.”

Via Guardian Sustainable Business |

One thought on “Sustainable Business: Becoming ‘Green’ Only The Start

  1. I understand that’s the promise of pricing carbon, that business becomes more energy efficient and hence more competitive on the world stage.

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