And Why Not: Solar ‘Wings’ Power Swiss Ski Lift

It’s spring in Switzerland now, but this story is cool enough to last till next winter: The tiny Swiss ski town of Tenna has an impressively large claim to fame. Although larger, well-known ski resorts overshadow it, when their aging ski lift needed replacing, Tenna invested in building one of the world’s first solar-powered ski lifts. How come?

Solar-Powered Ski Lift in Switzerland

The lift, which began operating in mid-December, had to address a key challenge: There wasn’t enough room on the lift station roof for all the solar panels they needed. To solve this, they designed a suspension bridge of solar panel “wings” above the lift, which is nearly 500 yards long. The panels rotate to follow the sun and can be tilted to release snow if they start to get covered.

Although there were concerns that suspension ropes laden with 82 “wings” would mar the idyllic mountain landscape, the setup turned out to be fairly subtle with the panels hanging at slight angles, making them look like black diamonds. The lift stays busy, shuttling 800 skiers an hour.

Read more on Solar ‘Wings’ Power Swiss Ski Lift : Discovery News – featured image: Solar Lift Tenna.

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3 thoughts on “And Why Not: Solar ‘Wings’ Power Swiss Ski Lift

  1. Ski resorts do offer some great vacation spots and i really love to go with them. The last ski resort that i spend with have some very nice and cozy atmosphere.

    Yours truly

  2. How does this idea sound. Window frames are collectors and converters for light energy, when night/darkness happens, they emit light in a vacuum within the a sandwhich..the middle is a vaccum trapped with energy waves, and the light now illuminates the building, inner as well as outer are source of lights..and there is no glass panes..just waves..

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