Where Green Jobs Win The Race

Green jobs are the least hit by recession, GOOD Magazine’s Sarah Laskow writes in a recent post. Quoting Next 10, a Californian nonprofit focused on the state’s future, she points out that 3 percent of jobs in California’s green economy (green jobs in the whole of the US totalling 2.7 million) have been lost due to the economic downturn – not bad considering the average 7 percent of job losses in other fields. Some sectors of the green economy, she writes, even grew during tough economic times, “like energy infrastructure, clean transportation, and energy generation”

Next 10 also looked at longer term growth, and found that the green economy has been shooting past the economy as a whole, growing 53 percent since 1995 in that time, the economy grew 12 percent overall. As the report puts it, “While the downturn reset core green employment back to 2008 levels, total state employment was set back to 2001 levels.” That means the green job sector has less ground to recover before it surpasses its former level and gains new strength.In other words, green jobs have staying power. They’re not in luxury industries that dissipate when times get tough. On the contrary, green industries become more attractive economic opportunities in times of downturn, since they promise cost savings and resilience in the face of rising costs. These green economy jobs also stretch across skill and income levels. People working in this resilient area are electricians and environmental scientist, building managers and architects, Chief Sustainability Officers and landfill gas generation system technicians.

via In California, Green Jobs Are Recession-Proof – Environment – GOOD.

Picture by chriscom, Flickr, creative commons

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