Conference: Decoding the ROI of Sustainability

Demonstrating the business case for sustainability investments, or even proving to skeptical decision makers that there is one, remains one of the biggest challenges for forward-thinking corporate leaders, investors and other stakeholders. In order for them to obtain the C-level buy-in needed to take this agenda forward, they must be able to relate environmental and social initiatives directly to changes in their companies’ bottom lines. What methodologies and tools are available for measuring the true ROI of sustainability? How can companies derive financial gain from determining the most material environmental, social and governance ESG issues to their business? And how can companies broaden their approach from measuring the impact of individual projects – from increasing energy efficiency to reducing waste – to capturing the return on a broader sustainability agenda?

Answers to these questions and others at a conference September 27, “New Horizons in Measuring the ROI of Sustainability.” Moderated by Gil Friend, President and CEO of Natural Logic, an expert panel will discuss breakthrough research, analysis and modeling approaches that are proving useful in establishing a positive return on a range of sustainability efforts. The discussion will examine relevant ROIs at various levels of interest – from high-level, holistic agendas to specific initiatives, such as the identification of material ESG issues or successful employee engagement. Our panelists will also share helpful data sources and valuation techniques that could be used in the process.

More at Sustainable Brands.

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