Sustainability: Think Big, But Also Make It Happen!

One of my favourite sources for green(er) future trends and sustainable business intelligence is the blog from research consultancy/think tank SustainAbility: Many of their blog posts make a very good read, for example this one on green marketing and sustainability PR campaigns:

About green brands and sustainability campaigns“Feel like you can’t turn around without bumping into a big, brassy, branded, corporate sustainability program these days? Or at least a product campaign think Nissan Leaf that seeks to cast a green and otherwise sustainable hue over an organization? It seems we have entered the age of the Big Sustainable Idea, an epoch in which performance as well as leadership and influence are limited without membership in this club.”

SustainAbility has been watching and assessing sustainability branding and leadership trends for years. Clients often ask how important such initiatives are to their performance potential. Does the Big Idea have impact? And is it positive?” What’s the Big Idea? – Blog | SustainAbility.


Recent Posts About Green Branding and Sustainability PR Campaigns:

Can Brands and Marketing Deliver a Sustainable Future?

Posted September 17, 2011

What role do brands play in the process of switching consumer society’s brains to sustainability mode? A very important one. In fact, as the Guardian puts it, “the role of brands as change agents is growing rapidly. Brands can have more power than any international organization by sheer force of the number of people they … Continue reading »


Eco labels: Signed, Sealed, Delivered? SustainAbility Report

Posted March 20, 2011

“With today’s global supply chains and growing array of consumption-related sustainability issues, it is no wonder that eco-labels abound. These independently verified, on-pack labels promote value chain sustainability; their goal is to improve production standards and create greater trust while influencing behaviour – especially consumer choice. But is the stunning proliferation of eco-labels a good … Continue reading »

Featured image by Liz | populational – creative commons, Flickr

One thought on “Sustainability: Think Big, But Also Make It Happen!

  1. The Nissan Leaf is an interesting case. Nissan builds an electric vehicle, while continuing to build massive, fuel guzzling vehicles. So, really, are they actually helping, or just trying to put a green sheen on an otherwise completely unsustainable industry?

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