The Sustainability Leaders Project is a story blog and knowledge hub for those interested in latest sustainable tourism leadership insights, stories and expert advice.

The mission of the Sustainability Leaders Project is to encourage and inspire tourism developers, managers and entrepreneurs to embrace sustainability. We do this through sharing the insights, experiences and stories of leading sustainable tourism thinkers and doers – researchers and practitioners.

Why the Sustainability Leaders Project?

Did you ever have the impression that tourism professionals don’t really interact with and learn from each other as much as they could or should, in order to come up with solutions to the growing social and environmental issues in at destinations?

In 2009 we started the Sustainability Leaders Project to collect and share the stories and expertise of researchers, managers and developers dedicated to tourism sustainability: building bridges across disciplines, language barriers and geographical and mental borders.

How the Sustainability Leaders Project works

Changing mindsets, behavior and the dynamics of communities of practice which have been in place often for several decades (=silo thinking)– no easy task. We approach this by introducing one academic or practitioner to our readers each week, slowly building a repertoire of experts and stories, one interview at a time.

As a non-profit private venture, the Sustainability Leaders Project is free to focus on those stories which matter most to our global readership, rather than having to spend our days writing advertorials or other eye catching content to please commercial partners.

Another characteristic of the Sustainability Leaders Project (we sometimes just call it Sustainability Leaders, or SLP) is that we are a virtual and deliberately global initiative. Both our editorial choices and our team of volunteers reflect this. Russian, German, American, Catalan – we all listen to and learn from each other.

What the Sustainability Leaders Project does


Get to know world’s leading sustainable tourism thinkers and strategists: persons dedicated to the sustainable development, management and marketing of tourism businesses and destinations. Learn about their motivations, successes, challenges.

Insights & Advice

In our Knowledge Hub, learn more about sustainable tourism strategies and leadership advice based on our 80+ interviews with tourism professionals.

Ary Suhandi Waerebo villageWhat do you think about the Sustainability Leaders Project?

“Simple and inspiring. Stories from inspiring people are very important. Considering all the negative events and actions in the world, we need to make people understand that there are still people with integrity and high spirits in keeping the world in good shape and harmony. I think it is our responsibility to spread news about these people to the global society; to inspire people to do the same in their own league, no matter how small it is.”

Ary Suhandi, Indonesia

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