Has sustainability in tourism become mainstream

Has sustainability in tourism become mainstream? Because (almost) everyone in tourism now preaches sustainability, it is easy to gain the impression that it has become common practice in tourism development and management. But has it? We asked some of world’s leading sustainable tourism experts – here’s what they answered.

Has sustainability in tourism become mainstream?

Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, MODUL University, Vienna:

The awareness among policy makers, the industry and the consumer has definitely increased in recent years, but we are still far from sustainability becoming mainstream.

The major part of business is still going as usual, despite the growing environmental concern due to the global warming discussion, natural disasters and food scandals.

But sustainability has made it at least on the agenda of major industry associations and governmental bodies and there are many great initiatives to encourage sustainable tourism.

D’Arcy Dornan, GSTC Country Representative, Brazil:

I would agree that the word sustainability has become mainstream, but not the practice. What is true is that more and more organizations and destinations have now embarked on the sustainability journey, which used to be much more of a niche.

Has Sustainability in Tourism Become Mainstream?
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