Villa Orange sustainability strategy

Can you focus on a healthy lifestyle and be a business hotel at the same time? Of course, tells us Christiane Hütte of Villa Orange in Frankfurt, Germany. In this interview, the manager of this 38 rooms boutique accommodation in the heart of Frankfurt tells us why a focus on organic food and environmentally friendly practices makes both dollars and sense.

Learn about:

  • Why Christiane Hütte decided to make sustainability and well-being a key theme of Villa Orange;
  • Which sustainability initiatives at the hotel she finds the most exciting;
  • How the hotel has benefited from its focus on sustainability;
  • The main challenges and hurdles the hotel manager has had to overcome;
  • The current state of tourism sustainability in Frankfurt;
  • Advice for hoteliers keen to improve their sustainability performance.

Christiane, why the focus on sustainable practices?

Since 2006 we try to combine organic and business. It was always important to me to eat healthy, organic and as vegetarian as possible. For the small individual organic café I would go miles. Fast food chains like Burger King and McDonalds are taboo for me.

And what was important to me personally, I also wanted to implement in my company. In 2006 I began to look for organic suppliers, and by 2008 we already reached a share of organic supplies of 95%. And when we joined the Bio Hotels association in 2009, we went to 100%. Nutella nut nougat cream was the last non-organic item on the menu to go. Also our beverages are 100% organic.

The Bio Hotels are a value-based marketing association of some 90 hotels in the German-speaking area, with head office in Austria. All participating organic hotels are owner-managed, which makes the individual properties as individual as the owners. Since most Bio Hotels are holiday cottages in rural areas, Villa Orange as a business and city hotel is rather the exception.

Interview with Christiane Hütte on How Business Hotel Villa Orange in Frankfurt Approaches Sustainability
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