Albert Teo Borneo Eco Tours

In this interview, Albert Teo, Managing Director of Borneo Eco Tours and Sukau Rainforest Lodge, shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of tourism development in South East Asia

Mr. Teo has been in the hospitality and tourism industry for over three decades and draws from his experiences diverse experience as a pioneer of sustainable business. 

Learn about:

  • Albert Teo’s main personal and professional insights;
  • Sustainable tourism operations;
  • How to create Community Based Tourism packages;
  • The impact of being part of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World;
  • Key priorities in Asia regarding sustainability in tourism;
  • Capacity building through social entrepreneurship.

Albert, what was your view of sustainability and tourism when you started your company, Borneo Eco Tours, in Malaysia?

When I started Borneo Eco Tours 25 years ago, I wanted to move away from mass tourism and steer the company in a different direction. Although the majority of tour companies during this period were only catering towards mass tourism, I chose to focus on inbound tourism and niche travelers to showcase the wilderness of Borneo. I specialized in “Ecotourism”, even though I didn’t comprehend the entirety of the definition at that time.

Interview with Albert Teo on Ecotourism in Borneo
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