Amine Ahlafi, Morocco

Sustainable infrastructure is a crucial element in the sustainability plan of any destination, which is why we were excited to get the chance to interview 2d DAMA’s Amine Ahlafi. Amine’s architecture firm deals with not only sustainability in design, but in urban planning and even tourism. We also hear about his involvement with the Mohammed VI Foundation and the many steps Morocco has taken to ensure that tourism develops in a responsible manner, focusing not only on implementation but planning and education as well. 

Learn about:

  • 2d DAMA and its mission to promote sustainable development in Morocco;
  • How the Mohammed VI Foundation is successfully tackling the challenge of implementing responsible tourism practices in Morocco;
  • The importance of education in the journey towards sustainability.

Amine, when did you first learn of the concept of sustainable architecture and urban design?

One of the workshops I attended during my studies in architecture in the National School of Architecture of Rabat was entitled “Sens Space,” inspired mainly by the design of Sir Frank Lloyd Wright.

It was my first contact with a new approach integrating nature and the man at the heart of the architectural project, while maximizing the functionality and performance of the building. This has changed my way of thinking about architecture.

At that time the concept of sustainability was not used to qualify architecture.

A few years later, I had the chance to work for leading organizations in environmental protection and sustainability areas: The Foundation Mohammed VI for the Protection of the Environment and the international Foundation for Environmental Education. My daily tasks have thus influenced my approaches to architecture, urban design and development.

Interview with Amine Ahlafi on Tourism and Sustainable Development in Morocco
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