Carol Gleeson and team
Pictured at the Eden Awards ceremony in Hotel Doolin on Wednesday the 22nd of July were Siobhan O’Brien, Zena Hocter, Lynn Barrett, Eamon Doyle, Carol Gleeson, from Burren Geopark, Tina O’Dwyer from Burren Food Trail and Laura Cotter from Geopark. The Burren Food Trail was the overall winner in the the 2015 EDEN (European Destination of Excellence) Awards. Photo: Reg Gordon

In terms of sustainable destination development, the award-winning Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark in Ireland is a good example to learn from. But it wasn’t always like that, tells us Carol Gleeson, Manager of the Geopark. She also shares her thoughts on sustainable tourism and discusses the many challenges destinations face on their path towards sustainability.

Learn about:

  • How the Burren Geopark introduced sustainability – how it all began;
  • The main lessons from developing the Burren Geopark destination brand;
  • Which challenges destinations frequently encounter regarding sustainability;
  • How the destination has benefited from winning responsible tourism awards;
  • Which institutions in the EU are helping the Geopark to fund its sustainability initiatives.

Carol, do you remember when you discovered your passion for sustainability? What inspired you?

I was first introduced to the concept by Mary Mulvey during her days at Green Box in Ireland. I found her work there very inspiring. In 2008 I took a group of businesses to meet her and the Green Box businesses, and our own programme was directly influenced by what we saw there. We modified it over the years to suit our own needs.

Interview with Carol Gleeson on the Sustainable Destination Strategy of Burren Geopark in Ireland
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