Sustainable tourism expert D'Arcy Dornan

If there were an award for best networker in sustainable tourism, D’Arcy Dornan would have a good chance at taking it home. In this interview, the sustainability and tourism teacher, researcher and consultant shares his thoughts and expertise as member of the Research and Education Council for The International Ecotourism Society and Brazil Country Representative for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Learn about:

  • How D’Arcy’s view of sustainability and tourism has changed over the years;
  • His key insights from working with sustainable tourism leaders, and as university teacher;
  • Where he sees the main challenges for sustainable travel and tourism;
  • In which region(s) of the world he sees most interest and momentum for sustainability in tourism;
  • His favorite 2015 tourism, travel or sustainability book;
  • Why he decided to join the GSTC as Brazil Country Representative;
  • Which online courses in sustainability and tourism he recommends practitioners.

D’Arcy, what was your view of sustainability and tourism when you started your career?

As a tourism geographer, with some early professional experiences in the lodging industry on the F&B (food and beverage) operations side, I was particularly interested in physical and biological environments, human societies and their spatial interactions – both from environmental science and social science perspectives. Aside from concerns about increasing carbon footprints given my job in the industry, sustainability as we know it today was still in its early years.

Now at the beginning of 2015, what has changed?

The tourism industry is embracing sustainability (still figuring it out but embracing it more and more each year) as can be seen by the increasing presence of sustainability departments, job positions in organizations, the growing numbers and importance of sustainability certification programs.

Interview with D’Arcy Dornan on Tourism and Sustainability in Brazil
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