Florie Thielin Hospitality Tour Sudamerica

In this interview, Florie Thielin, hotel marketing professional and avid traveler hailing from a small village in the Loire Valley in France, tells us about her “HopTour”, her passion for sustainable tourism and Hopineo. She also details her experiences and shares her reflections on what she has learned about sustainable tourism during her travels through Latin America.

Learn about:

  • The Hopineo project and its unique approach to the promotion and development of sustainable tourism;
  • Best practice examples of sustainable tourism in Latin America;
  • The challenges Latin America faces in the development of a more responsible tourism industry;
  • How to enhance your knowledge and experience in the sustainable tourism industry while traveling the world.

Florie, what first triggered your interest in sustainable tourism?

My interest began when I was a student and decided to write my thesis on the implementation of sustainable policies in hotels, and how to successfully implement the necessary changes to allow the introduction of more ecological practices.

I did my degree in International Business and, in the last year, decided to specialize in tourism and hospitality, mainly because I had always wanted to travel. I loved the idea of selling “experiences” and thought tourism was an important source of local development worldwide.

Interview with Florie Thielin on her HopTour through Latin America
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