Sustainability at Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands sustainability director Kevin Teng

Clearly, the Marina Bay Sands hotel and convention center in Singapore is a sustainability leadership story that couldn’t be more different from the small lodges often associated with sustainable hospitality. And while knowledge of remote ecolodges is sometimes limited to birdwatchers and other green travel connoisseurs, Marina Bay Sands is the landmark of Singapore and as such hard to miss.

At Marina Bay Sands, unless you really search for it, you won’t even notice its green credentials. Yet, the iconic five-star hotel, casino and convention center, which belongs to Las Vegas Sands Corporation, have been very actively pushing the sustainability agenda, with some impressive results.

Marina Bay Sands is the first MICE facility in South East Asia to obtain the ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Management System certification in February 2014. Also in May 2014, Marina Bay Sands was accorded the EarthCheck Silver Certification for their stewardship in sustainability.

We caught up with Kevin Teng, Executive Director of Sustainability at Marina Bay Sands. Engineer by training, on our tour he explains us many unique eco-efficiency features in and around the various facilities that are part of the integrated resort – among the largest in the world.

Marina Bay Sands includes a hotel with 2,561 rooms, a 120,000 square meter convention center, 74,000 square meters of retail space, a museum, two large theaters and over 60 restaurants and dining establishments.

SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
SkyPark Pool

Kevin, when and why did Marina Bay Sands decide to focus on sustainable hospitality?

At Marina Bay Sands, going green is more than just a concept. It is a philosophy that has been instilled in the integrated resort’s design and business operations even before our opening in 2010.

Marina Bay Sands takes an active and long term approach towards championing sustainability from the design of our property, the technology that helps us reduce our carbon footprint, to the ways in which we influence our stakeholders and clients to play their part in environmental protection.

Marina Bay Sands’ sustainability programme, Sands ECO360° is a global strategy spearheaded by our parent company in Las Vegas and has the objective to continuously improve the stewardship of our business, the environment and the community. It consists of four priorities: Green Building, Environmentally Responsible Operations, Green Meetings and Sustainability Education and Outreach.

Sustainability was built into the design and construction phases of Marina Bay Sands. Green materials were used and best practices in sustainable construction management were adhered to. We utilised recycled materials and products under Singapore’s Green Labelling Scheme, such as fire-rated doors, drainage cells, drywall partitions, and timber decking.

Interview with Kevin Teng on Sustainability Practices at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
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