Interview with Luigi Cabrini, GSTC

Meet Luigi Cabrini, chair of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and advisor to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Learn about:

  • How Luigi Cabrini went from journalist to aid worker to focusing on sustainable tourism at UNWTO and now at the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC);
  • How the GSTC works as organization;
  • How his view of sustainable tourism has changed during his work with UNWTO and GSTC;
  • How the sustainability agenda in travel and tourism will evolve in the next years (trends);
  • Which is the most difficult part of working for a UN agency, such as UNWTO.

Luigi, before you joined the United Nations in 1982, you worked as a freelance journalist in Rome, Italy – was there any specific moment or experience that triggered this change in career?

At that time I was writing articles in support of  the “No Nukes” (anti-nuclear) movement for the Italian edition of “Rolling Stones”. Joining the UN (thanks to an interview held with a UN recruitment delegation) gave me the possibility of actually doing things that could lead to positive changes, not only write about them.

My first assignment was in Guatemala, where I was coordinating projects for the United Nations Development Program. These ranged from turtle nest protection to improvement of maize crops. Unfortunately, those were very sad years for the country, ravaged by a civil war and ruled by military dictators.

Interview with Luigi Cabrini, Chair of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council
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