Nada Roudies, driving sustainable tourism in Morocco

As much as sustainable tourism requires entrepreneurial spirit and commitment bottom up, it also needs leadership and support from the top. In this interview, Nada Roudies shares her thoughts and professional insights gained as General Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism in Morocco.

Nada represents a new generation of women leaders in a country eager to leave its mark internationally in the area of sustainable tourism development.

Learn about:

  • Nada Roudies’ main insights from presiding the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism;
  • How Morocco approaches sustainable tourism development;
  • The main challenge Morocco faces regarding mainstreaming sustainable tourism principles;
  • How the Morocco Sustainable Tourism Awards have helped the country.

Nada, can you give us a short overview of your current responsibilities and professional background?

I am the General Secretary for the Ministry of Tourism in Morocco and currently represent Morocco as co-lead of the sustainable tourism program of the United Nations 10 Years Framework of Programmes (10YFP) on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP-SCP).

From 2013 until February 2015, I was the President of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism.

When did you discover your passion for sustainability?

I think sustainability is a passion that I developed gradually through my work towards sustainable tourism, both at national level with the establishment and implementation of Morocco’s sustainable tourism strategy, and at international level when promoting sustainable tourism as a vector of development to the United Nations.

Interview with Nada Roudies, General Secretary Ministry of Tourism Morocco
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