Rachel Dodds interview

Learn about tourism sustainability in Canada in this interview with Rachel Dodds, sustainable tourism consultant, researcher and Associate Professor at Ryerson University (Ted Rogers School of Management) in Toronto, where she directs the Hospitality and Tourism Research Institute.

Learn about:

  • When Rachel Dodds first heard about sustainable tourism, and how her perception of the topic has changed over the years;
  • Her main insights as a sustainable tourism researcher and advisor;
  • The principles of sustainable tourism in Island destinations;
  • Her favorite sustainable tourism examples;
  • How to measure the success of sustainability initiatives in tourism;
  • Career advice for newcomers to the sustainable tourism field;
  • Recommended books for tourism and sustainability professionals.

Rachel, when did you first discover your passion for sustainable tourism?

I have always loved to travel, but I think my passion really started when I was visiting Mexico at the age of 15 and saw raw sewage run down the beach into the ocean. I thought, how can these places do this?!

Years later, I lived in Australia on the Gold Coast and the highrises left the beach in shade by 3pm every day, and each year the beach had to be replenished from dredged sand because all the natural protection barriers for erosion had been removed and the beach was washing away.

This was when I really decided that the only career I wanted to do was to work with businesses and destinations to make tourism more sustainable.

Interview with Rachel Dodds on Sustainable Tourism in Canada
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