Monzur Huq on sustainable tourismIn this interview, we hear from Sheikh Md. Monzurul Huq, Professor at the Department of Geography and Environment at Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Drawing from his academic tourism background, Monzur shares his thoughts on the fundamental principles of sustainable development, the role of entrepreneurship in tourism, and why he believes in the potential of tourism as major force for economic, social, and cultural change in Asia.

Learn about:

  • Main professional insights and lessons;
  • Which are the main flaws in the current tourism development models in developing countries;
  • The consequences of uncontrolled mass tourism;
  • Trends in tourism research;
  • Why entrepreneurship is receiving more and more attention as research topic;
  • Which are the main challenges for sustainable travel and tourism in Asia;
  • Why tourism, despite its negative impacts, is such an important tool for Asian countries.

Monzur, do you recall what first attracted you to study geography with a focus on recreation and tourism? What got you interested?

I received my post-graduate degree in Geography and Geographical Information for Development (a course on GIS) from University of Windsor, Ontario (Canada) and Durham University (UK) respectively. As a partial fulfillment of the degree I wrote a thesis linked to Recreation Geography, under the supervision of University of Windsor Geography Professor Dr. Gerald Romsa. His guidance and inspiration actually motivated me to study recreation and tourism.

Interview with Sheikh Md Monzurul Huq on Sustainability and Tourism Development in Bangladesh
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