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Today’s interview is with Soulinnara Ratanavong, a Lao native, Teacher and Trainer at LANITH, the Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. Recipient of a“PATA Face of The Future”, a prestigious award from Pacific Asia Travel Association, Soulinnara shares with us her passion to help the youth of Laos through tourism education and her inspiration to progress sustainable tourism development in Asia. 

Learn about:

  • What attracted Soulinnara to focusing her career on sustainable tourism;
  • Which are the most challenging aspect of teaching sustainability and hospitality;
  • The award-winning teaching approach of LANITH the Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality;
  • How winning the PATA Face of the Future award influenced her career;
  • Which are the main challenges for sustainable tourism development in Laos;
  • Her advice to students interested in a career in sustainable tourism.

Soulinnara, what first attracted you to sustainable tourism when you started your professional career?

It is my understanding that sustainability starts with people. When I realized this, I began my career as a teacher to give both knowledge and skill to the youth of Lao. My purpose was to help them understand the importance of tourism. I wanted to share the positive impact they could make with their career in this industry and how they can create value to an attraction while preserving the beauty of nature for the next generation.

Interview with Soulinnara Ratanavong, Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality
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