Siloso Beach Resort sustainability director Sylvain Richer de Forges

If there’s one thing we learned during our visit to Singapore, then that the booming city-state has many faces and colours, and so does commitment to sustainability. The multi-award winning Siloso Beach Resort is special in many ways. Popular with families, city escapers and nature seekers, SBR offers a hospitality experience at the very forefront of environmental best practice. The resort’s director of sustainability, Sylvain Richer de Forges, in this interview takes us on a tour around the many sustainability features.

Learn about:

  • What brought Sylvain to focus his career on tourism sustainability;
  • How the sustainability topic has evolved since he started his career;
  • Which sustainability aspects at the resort he finds the most challenging – and which the most noteworthy;
  • How the resort has benefited from its focus on best practice in sustainability (financial and reputational);
  • Current trends regarding sustainability and hospitality;
  • Advice for hotel managers keen to follow suit.

Sylvain, why did you decide to focus your career on sustainability and tourism? Who or what inspired you?

The tourism industry crossed my path by chance. While I have been directly involved with tourism projects over the past years, many aspects of my work are not related to tourism specifically. Nevertheless, I find it to be an interesting field because it is rapidly expanding, and because it is linked to global challenges. The scalability of initiatives that can be applied to a particular tourism project is of interest because there is a real potential to make a significant positive change on a global scale.

I always had an interest in conservation and innovative technology that can be applied to good use, so it was not difficult for me to venture into tourism.

Interview with Sylvain Richer de Forges on Sustainability at Siloso Beach Resort, Singapore
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