Worth Reading: Just Climb that Green Ladder!

Do you want to make your workplace more sustainable? If you answer ‘yes’, then the book written by Amy Fetzer (UK) and Shari Aaron (US) will be what you have been looking for. Climb the Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable provides a compact, easy to read, step by step guide of how you, as an employee, can make your company and career more sustainable.

Climb the Green Ladder - Book reviewIt does not bore or confuse you with scientific lingo. Instead it offers many real-life case studies and interviews with sustainability experts. ‘Climb the green ladder’ is also the result of a large research project in which many sustainability experts were asked about their opinions. Inspiring and motivating on every single page.

The book argues that leadership for sustainability does not always have to (and hardly does) come from above. In fact, small-scale, bottom-up initiatives like recycling in the office, switching off the computer at the end of the day or reducing paper consumption and waste are very easy to implement and will have a positive impact not only on the company (saving money) but also on your personal career.

Book chapters include: Why we need that Green Ladder, how to get the mindset, how to make the business case, how to get your colleagues on side, how to have two-way conversations, how to work together, make it part of the culture. The book also offers an extensive directory of helpful contacts, from NGO to governmental initiatives to consultancies and more.

Verdict: Climb the Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable is a perfect gift to employees, colleagues, and all those who want to lead a more sustainable life, but don’t know where or with what to start.

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