You ask, sustainable tourism experts answer

It’s question time! Do you have a question about tourism and sustainability? Then this is your moment. We invite you to ask one question to our newly formed Research Panel of sustainable tourism experts, which includes 60 tourism business managers, entrepreneurs and researchers.

How does it work?

  1. You ask your question in a comment below this article, or on our Facebook page.
  2. After one week (July 14th) we will collect all questions and check which ones are the most urgent/popular/inspiring/suitable.
  3. We will then choose two questions and send them to our Research Panel.
  4. We will give the panel one week to answer, and will collect all the answers received by then, summarize and publish as blog post: one post per question and the respective answers.

Who forms part of the Research Panel?

Members of the Research Panel (at the moment 60) are leading professionals – entrepreneurs, managers, researchers – who have been featured by the Sustainability Leaders Project.

How often will you do Question Time?

We intend to offer you this opportunity to ask your questions to the entire Research Panel three to four times per year.

Which question can I ask?

Anything linked to tourism and sustainability is welcome, but please keep it professional and don’t make it too specific. We will remove inappropriate comments/questions. And we’ll choose two questions from which most of our readers will be able to benefit, and which most of our Panel members will be able to give feedback on.

Like this initiative and/or know someone who might have a question for our Panel? Share and spread the word!

Question Time: You Ask, Sustainable Tourism Experts Answer
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3 thoughts on “Question Time: You Ask, Sustainable Tourism Experts Answer

  • 08/07/2017 at 11:59

    How can we address the effect of sharing economy (taken to extreme levels) and the over-gentrification it brings, pushing out the residents of a historical center, without loosing the advantages of it, like offering tourists a more genuine experience and bringing economical benefits to local communities?

  • 11/07/2017 at 17:13

    How can we cope with mass tourism in metropolitan areas, such as Barcelona?


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