What makes the Sustainability Leaders Project unique? Here are some testimonials from sustainable tourism researchers and practitioners:

“Great to see so many inspiring stories on sustainability leadership in tourism articulated in so many ways by those working in and with the industry to drive change. We can all learn from each others’ experience and perspectives. Thank you.”

Fran Hughes, United Kingdom

“Does it get any better than the Sustainability Leaders Project? I think the work you are doing to highlight good examples and give exposure to good cases and to people who are trying to make a difference is priceless. Keep up the great work!”

Ronald Sanabria, Costa Rica

“The Sustainability Leaders website is where I look for inspiration.”

Soulinnara Ratanavong, Laos

“Simple and inspiring. Stories from inspiring people are very important. Considering all the negative events and actions in the world, we need to make people understand that there are still people with integrity and high spirits in keeping the world in good shape and harmony. I think it is our responsibility to spread news about these people to the global society; to inspire people to do the same in their own league, no matter how small it is.”

Ary Suhandi, Indonesia

“Sustainability Leaders finally! I’m delighted to see that at last, there’s a great platform to showcase best practices and efforts in promoting sustainable tourism development and stewardship, highlighting not only the academe and education professionals but also personalities and practices from all corners of the world!”

Susan Santos de Cardenas, Philippines

“We all live very busy lives. It is important, therefore, to take the time at regular intervals to sit back and follow the progress of the many passionate people who are often doing the heavy lifting in sustainable tourism. The Sustainability Leaders project is a welcome source of inspiration.”

Stewart Moore, Australia

“Great resource, interesting profiles of people working at the coal face, insightful information about all aspects of sustainable tourism.”

Rebecca Hawkins, United Kingdom

“I think the work you are doing under the Sustainability Leaders Project is great! By highlighting sustainability leadership examples across the world is a great contribution. The interviews with key players in the sustainable tourism world are a great source of inspiration to the leaders in the tourism industry. Reading through the interviews one can learn very interesting and valuable facets about the sustainable tourism world.”

Palitha Gurusinghe, Sri Lanka

“Sustainability Leaders is a great initiative, because the single most important factor in achieving sustainability is leadership – typically by one person in a company or organisation who manages to bring with them others on a joint mission. Bringing together these stories, the cumulative knowledge and experience from across the globe, is hopefully generating an accelerating effect on broader changes in ‘culture’ and practices towards mainstreaming sustainability.”

Susanne Becken, Australia

“The Sustainability Leaders Project is a great platform to provide inspiration and give impetus to spreading sustainable tourism. Through its networking it is able to solicit information from experienced and visionary individuals and advocate it to strengthen the understanding and applications of sustainable tourism. This is truly a noble initiative and commitment from the team. Your efforts are highly commendable.”

Karma Tshering, Bhutan

“Sustainability Leaders is a great source – sharing good practices and interviewing key players in the sustainable tourism world is a source of inspiration to students, leaders and industry alike.”

Rachel Dodds, Canada

“The Sustainability Leaders project fills a gap. It gives travellers, businesses, policy makers, students, NGOs, development agencies and others who might be interested, the opportunity to get an insight into ‘how’ and ‘what’ experienced players in the sustainable tourism field have done or are doing.”

Steve Noakes, Australia

“I have always valued a measured, more thoughtful way of presenting the complex issues around sustainable travel – more than the usual soundbites, afterthoughts or dull lectures – you guys have found a way to do just that.”

Geoffrey Lipman, Belgium

“The tag line ‘Sustainable tourism leadership insights, stories, examples’ says it all. Love the fact that I can go to one site and read and experience insightful journeys whether it be individuals, places or organisations. Let’s see more of this kind.”

Gopinath Parayil, India