Expert throughts on Tripadvisor Green Leaders programTripAdvisor Green Leaders scheme has stirred its fair share of controversy over the last weeks, fuelled by its nomination for a WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow award. In this guest post, hotel sustainability consultant Benjamin Lephilibert reflects on the use and usefulness of online peer reviews as indicators for environmental best practice.

In the hospitality industry, online peer-reviews have emerged over the past 5 years as a key indicator of hotels’ (perceived) level of service quality and guest satisfaction. Some hate them, some love them, but no Hotel General Manager would ever ignore them.

Hotel online brand reputation monitoring is a growing concern, and some companies (i.e. Revinate, Trustyou, Reviewpro) are even specialized in taking the pulse of guest satisfaction across all social media platforms.

With Millennials on the rise, hotel online brand reputation monitoring has become a growing concern.

Millennials or “Gen-Y” (people born after 1980), ultra-connected travelers with a social-environmental consciousness and expectations which are much higher than the ones of previous generations, are flooding the travel industry’s market and are determined to share every bit of their experience online, both for what they liked and disliked about their stay. Those online comments and reviews have a direct and substantial impact on a hotel’s reputation and future revenues.

Guest Post: TripAdvisor Green Leaders – Blessing or Curse?
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