Fiona Jeffery on Just a Drop and WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

Fiona Jeffery interview

Travel and tourism professionals from around the world are headed to Madrid for the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Annual Summit next week. This event is not just for sales and networking, but also to celebrate the winners of the leading accolade in responsible and sustainable tourism – the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. In this interview, Fiona Jeffery, award chair, shares her tourism and sustainability story – how it all started, and why she has recently moved from head of WTM to leading the water conservation charity Just a Drop.

Natalia Naranjo on Tourism Sustainability in Colombia and Canada

Interview Natalia Naranjo

In this interview, sustainable tourism consultant and university lecturer Natalia Naranjo shares her experience and thoughts on the current state of sustainability in travel and tourism in Latin America, why she decided to represent Colombia in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and what Colombia can learn from Canada.