SLP Tourism Climate Emergency DeclarationThere can be no tourism sustainability leadership without taking the climate crisis serious. Which is why the Sustainability Leaders Project supports the new initiative, Tourism Declares — uniting the travel industry in declaring a climate emergency and acting accordingly.

For those of us whose work as journalists, speakers and advisors often depends on much travel – including by air – this is a hard nut to crack. But there’s no way around acknowledging our impact on the climate and trying to minimize it. Joining this initiative and signing the declaration is a good start.

In signing this declaration, I (Florian Kaefer) agree to the following five commitments.

  1. Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’
  2. Share my commitment and progress publicly
  3. Cut my carbon emissions in line with IPPC advice
  4. Work with others in the travel industry
  5. Advocate for change throughout the travel industry

What does this mean for me? 

As someone who does not own (or drive) a car and walks to the office, you could think my climate impact might be fairly reasonable. Unfortunately, truth is that my work takes me around the world, often involving flights.

My travels, especially those for SLP on TOUR, are already geared towards inspiring and encouraging tourism professionals to embrace sustainability, by means of sharing stories and experiences of sustainability champions and change-makers.

The SLP team works remotely.

Nevertheless: I will try to reduce my negative impact on the climate by using sustainable travel options where possible (I am quite a fan of trains), by making sure that travel which involves flying serves a greater purpose, beyond mere pleasure or relaxation-seeking. And I will encourage others to join this movement.

Hopefully, the more of us declare, the greater the pressure and incentive for airplane manufacturers to be innovative and to come up with climate-friendly solutions.

Want to declare, too?

If you work in tourism and feel similarly about the climate emergency, please visit Tourism Declares. The goal is to to encourage and enable as many travel companies, organizations and individuals to get involved, declare a climate emergency, and take action.