Sustaining Tourism is a boutique consultancy which offers advice, research, product development and marketing for all aspects of the industry to help it become more responsible.

Which topics linked to tourism and sustainability are you most passionate about?

  • Consumer behavior
  • Product development
  • Auditing and assessing the potential and current sustainability offerings

Five hashtags which best describe Sustaining Tourism?

#sustainabletourism #tourismdevelopment #responsibility #csr #socialinnnovation

Rachel Dodds, sustainable tourism expert panel memberWho is leading the company?

Rachel Dodds, Owner and Director, has over 25 years in the tourism industry and is passionate about making the tourism industry more sustainable. Under her leadership, Sustaining Tourism has completed projects globally about sustainable tourism, market segmentation, policy and tourism destination development.

The company has the ability to assess, audit, augment and develop sustainable tourism offerings in order to optimize performance.

Rachel Dodds is part of our expert panel. Read our interview with Rachel here.

Advice you’d like to share?

To realize opportunities for a better way of doing tourism, destinations and companies need to know how to better work with stakeholders. Sustaining Tourism can help with this.

Where can we learn more about your sustainable tourism work?


How to engage with Sustaining Tourism

Follow Sustaining Tourism on Twitter or connect with Rachel Dodds on LinkedIn