ON TOUR: join us as we travel around the world to meet tourism leaders and destination sustainability pioneers.

Valposchiavo, destination sustainability example from SwitzerlandValposchiavo

A popular destination all year round, Valposchiavo in the very south east of Switzerland has won several awards for its innovative “100% Valposchiavo” initiative, through which it boosts local trade, agriculture and tourism. Destination Valposchiavo has been recommended to us by Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, among others.

Visited October 2019. Supported by Valposchiavo Turismo and Rhaetian Railway.

Keschhütte in Parc Ela, SwitzerlandParc Ela

We’re back in Switzerland to investigate how the country’s destination managers and tourism businesses approach sustainability, which hurdles they face and how they overcome them, and how smart and innovative initiatives and partnerships lead to authentic experiences and a more responsible tourism.

Visited July 2019. Supported by Parc Ela DMO and Rhaetian Railway.

Slovenia sustainable tourism leaders, stories, examplesSlovenia

Much loved and admired for its natural beauty, Slovenia as destination has become a mecca for outdoor lovers and adventure travelers. Its capital, Ljubljana, is widely regarded a role model for urban sustainable development, not least thanks to its car-free inner city which brought urban life back to the center.

In our special series of interviews, meet some of the country’s leading tourism professionals dedicated to making Slovenia as destination attractive, strong and sustainable.

Visited April 2019. Supported by the Slovenian Tourist Board


Algarve sustainable tourism leadersPortugal’s southernmost region and most popular destination for sun and beach finds itself at a crossroads, pressed to mitigate the effects of overcrowding and seasonality. We caught up with Joao Ministro who took us on a tour and told us about the destination’s strengths, challenges and opportunities.

We also joined Joana of Eating Algarve Food Tours on one of their innovative culinary experiences.

Visited December 2018. Supported by Atelier CoWork Faro | Animaris


Werfenweng soft mobility destinationA pioneer in “soft mobility”, this small alpine village of 1,000 inhabitants near Salzburg has made headlines for its innovative ideas and mobility concepts for over two decades. We went to see how they do it, and caught up with Werfenweng’s energetic mayor, Dr Peter Brandauer.

Visited October 2018. Supported by Tourism Werfenweng


Meet Switzerland’s tourism sustainability leaders and changemakers in this special series of interviews for which we travelled through the country for two weeks in September 2018.

Visited September 2018. Supported by Swiss Youth Hostels | Swiss Travel System | SWISS

Príncipe Island

Principe Island Destination, AfricaThe little-known West African country of São Tomé and Príncipe is a former Portuguese colony comprised by two islands. The smaller one, Príncipe, has become a leader in the region for responsible tourism development which goes hand in hand with conservation and empowering the local community.

Visited September 2015. Supported by HBD Principe | TAP Airlines


As tourist destination, Barcelona doesn’t need much of an introduction. Lesser known are the city’s efforts to strengthen its sustainable destination performance. We spoke with local government leaders, tour operators and hotel businesses, and the destination marketers.

Visited: October 2015. Supported by Barcelona Tourism

Basque Country

In late 2015 we spent a week in the beautiful Basque Country, spoke with entrepreneurs, regional government leaders and destination marketers, in addition to attending the Cumbre Mundial de Turismo Sostenible, a two day international conference organized by Basquetour, the Instituto de Turismo Responsable (Biosphere) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Visited November 2015. Supported by Basquetour | Biosphere ITR


Stories of sustainable tourism leadership in Queensland, Australia, collected during our destination visit.

Visited July – August 2015. Supported by Greyhound Australia | YHA Australia