How PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel in Singapore Uses Architecture for Its Sustainability Strategy

Published 08/08/2014
Sustainability strategy of PARKROYAL on Pickering hotel in Singapore

Sustainability strategy of PARKROYAL on Pickering hotel in Singapore

PARKROYAL on Pickering in Singapore is an award-winning hotel managed by the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, and designed by star architects WOHA. It incorporates a hotel-in-a-garden concept, with energy-saving features throughout the property.

Although only open since January 2013, the 367-room hotel already managed to win several regional awards for its sustainable project design and green efforts, including the BCA Green Mark Platinum, Singapore’s highest green rating, as well as the Solar Pioneer Award for its innovative solar energy system.

But what exactly makes the PARKROYAL on Pickering a sustainability leader and champion of environmental best practice? Lee Kin Seng, the hotel’s Director of Marketing Communications, takes us on a tour.

Lee, when and why did PARKROYAL on Pickering decide to focus on sustainability?

PARKROYAL on Pickering is the flagship PARKROYAL Collection hotel and as such an expression of the brand that identifies it as different in terms of design and architecture. Conceived as a ‘’hotel-a-garden’’, the hotel was developed with a clear display of commitment to sustainability and a strong focus on tropical architecture with an unprecedentedly organic approach.

Even prior to the hotel’s opening in January 2013, PARKROYAL on Pickering was already awarded the BCA (Building and Construction Authority) Green Mark Platinum, Singapore’s highest rating for green buildings and the Solar Pioneer Award for being one of the first hotels in Singapore to use a solar energy system.

When Pan Pacific Hotels Group (the Singapore-based hotel management company which owns and manages PARKROYAL on Pickering) was doing a comprehensive review of its PARKROYAL brand four years ago, it unveiled various elements of opportunity in what people were looking for in a brand.

Many customers were saying that, instead of glass, brass and marble, a feeling of intimacy was what they were looking for with their hotel. Our brand review also showed that there is a high concern among travellers about energy efficiency and the environment.

Marrying these insights and PARKROYAL’s positioning about local connectivity and local connections, the Group chose to build a hotel-in-a-garden that is very much inspired by its local surroundings and local environment – extending the green areas of its surrounds, the green space of Hong Lim Park, and encouraging bio-diversity in the city. In the same vein of ‘local connections’, renowned local architects WOHA were chosen as our partner for this project.

What has been the feedback from staff, clients and customers?

We are glad to share that the feedback has been very positive. Guests not only enjoy staying at such an iconic property, they also appreciate all our environmental and sustainable efforts, and even little details, such as the recycling bins in every room, have left a very positive impression.

Our employees are also generally happier to be working in a building that’s surrounded by lush greenery as it reminds them of nature. Moreover, our green initiatives and energy conservation features have generated much media interest and placed PARKROYAL on Pickering under the global spotlight.

As travellers and stakeholders are becoming more environmentally conscious, it is becoming much more of a drawing factor that hotels are sustainably designed. At PARKROYAL on Pickering, the features have become more integrated and invisible, being there without compromising the amenity or sense of luxury of the hotel.

What sustainable initiatives at the hotel are you particularly excited about?

The most exciting sustainable features at the hotel are the zero-energy sky gardens and green corridors – attractive garden spaces that bring lush greenery into the guest rooms and internal spaces, enhancing the quality of life and reinforcing Singapore’s tropical image. There are 15,000 m2 of sky gardens, water features, planted terraces and green walls. This is 215% of the site area or equivalent to the footprint of Hong Lim Park.

What have been the main benefits of implementing these green initiatives?

Our green initiatives and energy conservation features enhance the overall building performance, which has led to significant cost savings and much media interest, placing PARKROYAL on Pickering under the global spotlight.

Do you have plans to expand on green initiatives in the future?

It’s always evolving. Just recently, the hotel started setting up a community garden where our chefs grow and harvest spices and vegetables for the preparation of food at our all-day dining restaurant LIME.

Your advice to hotels looking to do the same?

The entire hotel team – from operational departments to back-of-house admin associates – need to understand and appreciate these green initiatives. Operationally, the front line staff need to be prepared to educate hotel guests on the sustainable features and initiatives at the hotel.

Thank you, Lee.

Learn more about the hotel’s unique approach to sustainability here.

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