You are looking for someone to give a keynote presentation or contribute to a workshop or seminar on sustainability leadership and entrepreneurship, perhaps (but not necessarily) with a focus on tourism?

We recommend the following speakers:

Recommended speakers:


Brian Mullis, sustainable tourism expert panel memberBrian Mullis

Available for keynotes and workshops on sustainable tourism development, destination management and development, and community tourism.

Based in White Salmon, WA (USA).

Florian Kaefer

Available for keynotes (also prerecorded, online) and moderation, with special expertise in

  • How to become a sustainability leader in tourism: keys to success and pitfalls to avoid
  • Tourism sustainability trends and challenges: insights from leaders
  • Best practice examples
  • Link between sustainability and destination brands

Based near Zurich, Switzerland. Florian is the founder and editor of the Sustainability Leaders Project and author of the forthcoming book, Sustainability Leadership in Tourism: Interviews, Insights, and Knowledge from Practice (Springer, 2022)

Jonathon Day, sustainable tourism expert panel memberJonathon Day

Available for keynotes and workshops on responsible travel, sustainable destination development, tourism entrepreneurship and changemakers.

Based in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

Kelly Bricker, sustainable tourism expert panel memberKelly Bricker

Available for keynotes and workshops on sustainable tourism and the SDG’s, adventure travel, ecotourism and sustainable food production.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Kirsi HyvaerinenKirsi Hyvaerinen

Available for keynotes, seminars and workshops on topics such as destination management, sustainable development strategies and funding, green destinations, SME, trends in tourism, marketing and ecotourism.

Based in Montenegro / Finland.

Raj Gyawali, sustainable tourism expert panel memberRaj Gyawali

Available for workshops and seminars on sustainable destination development and responsible tourism.

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Vicky SmithVicky Smith

Available for workshops, seminars and keynotes on marketing for sustainable tourism, business leadership and entrepreneurship.

Based in London, UK

Willy Legrand - sustainable tourism panelWilly Legrand

Professor Dr Willy Legrand offers keynotes, workshops and seminars on sustainable hospitality – challenges and trends, innovation in the hotel sector, climate change adaptation in hospitality, communication and reputation management.

Based in Bonn, Germany

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