Vicky Smith | On Responsible Tourism, Entrepreneurship and How (Not) to Communicate Sustainability

Vicky Smith interview

Vicky Smith: responsible tourism networker and entrepreneur by heart. In this interview, learn about her new initiative Earth Changers, what she thinks about the current state of tourism sustainability and how to use social media and influencers for better tourism business and destination marketing.

Open Eyes

Open Eyes

Open Eyes is a social enterprise founded in 2011 with the aim to identify the skills of communities, mainly vulnerable women excluded from the tourism value chain, to train them and together create immersive and meaningful experiences to connect them to travellers in urban and rural settings.

Interview with Katie Hallaran on Creating Employment and Responsible Tourism Opportunities in Cambodia

Soksabike responsible tour business in Cambodia

Katie Hallaran introduces us to the Soksabike and Kinyei Café projects in Battambang, Cambodia. She explains how the pioneering responsible tourism businesses are creating employment for the local youth, and at the same time unforgettable, authentic travel experiences.