Interview with Josu of Lurdeia Casa Rural, Ecotourism Pioneer in the Basque Country, Spain

Lurdeia en primavera, Agroturismo Pais Vasco

An oasis of tranquility founded by five friends 30 years ago, Lurdeia Casa Rural is a pioneer in ecotourism and organic farming in the Basque Country. This rural home is a great example of how a local business can balance nature and economic development, combining the benefits of sustainable development, eco-certification and environmental education. Josu tells us how it all began.

Interview with Mertxe Begiristain of Las Casas de EA Astei, Basque Country

Mertxe Begiristain, Las casas de EA Astei, sustainable rural house in Basque Country

Las Casas de EA Astei is a rural home in the Basque Country that is taking energy efficiency to the next level. This is the success story of both Mertxe Begiristain, who manages the tourism business, and her son, whose architecture, design and engineering skills have led to the creation of the first home in Spain to produce more energy than it consumes. Built primarily out of biodegradable, renewable and ecological materials, this rural home seeks maximum integration with its surrounding environment.