UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: Equal and Fair Economic Opportunities

UNSDG 8 Equal and Fair Economic Opportunities

Poverty and unemployment can drive people to extreme lengths, to meet basic needs. Sustainable tourism companies see this as an opportunity to help out by providing productive employment and training. By employing locals, social enterprises embrace people from impoverished communities

UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Empower Women

UNSDG 5 Empower Women

Women make up close to half of the human population and yet, many continue to be mere spectators instead of being active participants in their country’s progress, especially in the developing world. Empowering tourism businesses and platforms help women to

UN Sustainable Development Goal 1: Eradicate Poverty


Governments and social organizations have made significant strides in lifting millions out of extreme poverty globally. Often, the rural poor depend on surrounding natural resources for a living, and any form of environmental degradation has a direct impact on their