Vicky Smith Speaker Profile

Vicky Smith, speaker on sustainable tourism

Vicky Smith: speaker available for workshops, seminars and keynotes on marketing for sustainable tourism, business leadership and entrepreneurship.

Vicky Smith | On Responsible Tourism, Entrepreneurship and How (Not) to Communicate Sustainability

Vicky Smith interview

Vicky Smith: responsible tourism networker and entrepreneur by heart. In this interview, learn about her new initiative Earth Changers, what she thinks about the current state of tourism sustainability and how to use social media and influencers for better tourism business and destination marketing.

Interview with Marina Novelli on Tourism Development in Africa and Beyond: Challenges and Opportunities

Professor Marina Novelli, University of Brighton

Marina Novelli, Professor of Tourism and International Development at the University of Brighton in the UK, in this interview shares her thoughts on the current state of (sustainable) tourism development in Africa, the issue of overtourism and other topics in need of investigation.

Equality in Tourism

Equality in Tourism

Equality in Tourism: independent, non-profit women’s consultancy and network dedicated to ensuring that women have an equal voice in, and share of the benefits from, tourism worldwide.