Since the mid-nineteenth century, the townspeople and villagers of the Upper Volga region, the East of Siberia and the Northern regions of the Empire have been in fashion, openwork woodcarving was the decoration of huts and wooden houses. The native Russian peasant art is widely used in the decoration and decoration of houses, decoration of inexpensive home furniture and utensils. Usually carved on the headboards of beds, sofas, chairs, sash books, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, doors of wardrobe.

Openwork woodcarving is one of the types of artistic processing of wood. This type of thread is performed using a special narrow hacksaw - a circular saw or a jigsaw. A craftsman on a selected flat blank for the manufacture of household household items from hardwood, aspen, linden, birch, applied a drawing, the corners of which were drilled through holes, after which he cut out the entire background with a circular saw or a jigsaw so that only the printed image remained, the drawing. The finished openwork pattern was processed, the corresponding shape was given to the pattern with chisels, a jamb or just a knife, cutting the edges formed at an angle and processing the cut with various abrasive skins. This style of openwork carving makes it similar to three-dimensional woodcarving. With the external architecture of houses and log huts, pine and larch were used, with trimmings adorned platbands and pediments of housing and buildings of urban and rural institutions, entrance doors, gates and gates.

Openwork woodcarving has a wide range of ornaments, from simple geometric shapes to images of animals and people, even today, artisans of Siberia decorate their homes with such woodcarvings. And the most interesting thing is that in all of Russia, with the numerous execution of carved decoration, one cannot find the same or even something similar carved ornament or pattern. Openwork woodcarving has found widespread use in the life of Kostroma residents, and even now, pretty skillfully made salt shakers with carved ornaments can be found in the inhabitants there. Yaroslavl and Pomeranian peasants left spinning wheels from their great-grandfathers whose legs are covered with a through pattern with varying degrees of intensity, and in Kozmodemyansk, Tver or Vologda, you can still drink homemade kvass from a ladle with a long handle cut through through intricate patterns.

Openwork woodcarving gained a second life without losing its identity, when various nozzles for cutting appeared to manual home electric drills, and in trade in a wide assortment they began to sell electric jigsaws or special units with a working table with their own drive and a cutting part for cutting unique wood openwork. Sexy girl porn is the best. I want to be one of those. The girls will be there in a long time. I looked at her and she looked at me. She nodded her head and then she kissed me. I felt so bad for her, I just nodded.