Galina Samokhina

Like many of my peers, I came to VGIK from amateur performances. While still a student at the institute, I played Masha in the movie “Good morning!”. In the film directed by I. Pyryev "Idiot" I played the role of the elder sister Alexandra. Then she starred in the film "Flurry" in the role of Tony in the Alma-Ata film studio. As you can see, my “creative biography” is small.

Now I am shooting at the director of the studio. Gorky V. Aismont in the movie "The End of the Old Birch" by G. Mdivani. The film tells about the affairs and life of homebuilders. I was assigned the role of a young builder - Vali.

The work ahead is interesting (which of the young actresses would not want to show her peers?) - I have to play usu with a strong and principled character. Valya loves a bad guy, but when he finds out that he is a scoundrel and abandoned a pregnant woman, he will forever break up with him without quarrels and tears. Only she remains a big resentment for the offended feelings.

My heroine, despite her youth, is a man of a mature character, of great mental purity.

I want to show on the screen a simple, good girl, both in work and in her personal life, which has developed quite successfully so far. But I believe in the happiness of the hardworking and honest Vali.


Yuri Kireev

When the Great Patriotic War began, I went to the front. He was an artilleryman, commanded a platoon. After the war, he studied at the acting faculty of VGIK.

My first role is police captain Sobolev in the film Night Patrol. The next role is again "police" - foreman Safronov (the film "Case No. 306"). Among the roles that I played: crane operator Ermakov (Ekaterina Voronina), front-line cameraman Krylenko (On ​​the Roads of War), Dima (“I am writing to you”), foreman Tarelkin (“A man changes his skin”). Recently finished acting in the film "Mosfilm" "Probationary Period". The film tells about the work of the criminal investigation department in the twenties in Siberia. I had to play the role of the bandit Pashka Ozherelyev. The role was written by the author vividly, my “hero” is a collective image depicting the internal enemies of the young Soviet power.

I have a big new work ahead of me - the role of Lieutenant Ovchinnikov in the film "Last Volleys." As the name of the film says. it is dedicated to the last days of the past war. The film is directed by L. Saakov. As in the days of the war, I will become an artilleryman.

My future hero is also a platoon commander. In this work, my front-line experience will greatly help me. I would like to show our glorious artillery officers as a lieutenant.

Galina Samokhina


Alexander Grechany

I have been acting in films for a long time - I participated in more than forty film productions. Many, obviously, saw me in the films The Death of the Eagle (boatswain Yakovenko). “In Peaceful Days” (midshipman), “Over Tissa” (ravoenkoy of the Girozhnichki ko), “In the steppe silence” (Ignat Ignatovich), “Gloomy Wangur” (hunter Stepan Krutoyarov). Now, at the Mosnauchfilm film studio, director D. Varlamov is shooting a new art film, The Great Gift of Nature, based on the script by V. Kreps. It is dedicated to the discovery of the Kursk magnetic anomaly. Here I am acting in the role of the revolutionary sailor Volostny.

The volleys of the civil war had not yet died away, and V.I. Lenin, already looking far ahead, was thinking about ways to develop the country's natural wealth that the young Soviet republic needed. And my hero, like hundreds of other former sailors and soldiers who were still holding weapons yesterday, was sent by the party as a representative of Soviet power near Kursk to restore the national economy destroyed by the war, to help scientists conduct their first exploratory work on magnetic anomalies.

I have a cherished desire: I would really like to play in the movie the hero of the Sholokhov work “They Fought for the Motherland” - the miner Lopakhin - I really loved this wonderful image. Old customers can login in their account in an effort to see your transactions, handle the account, make ollo card sign in and activate your card and many others.