Existing methods for calculating the overall stability of structures against shear along flat intersecting surfaces.

Proposed prof. Gersevanov's method of assessing the stability of structures refers to homogeneous foundations, i.e., to such foundation conditions under which the soil under the structure has uniform physical properties (especially with respect to the angle of internal friction) in the region of formation of the BCD shear planes.

In practice, in the construction of hydraulic structures, there are often heterogeneous (layered) formations within the depth of the shear prisms t. In the practice of port hydraulic engineering construction, this heterogeneity of the foundations is extremely widespread and is artificial in the form of a special stone bed made under gravity structures.

Shown is the type of wall made of solid masonry (which is extremely widespread in the practice of domestic port construction), based on a special stone bed with a thickness of h.

For a long time, our leading technical literature on the design and construction of port facilities has recommended the following method of adapting the shown scheme to a design scheme that allows the use of the method of prof. Gersevanov in assessing the overall sustainability of structures (calling erroneously the whole of this calculation by the Gersevanov method of calculation).

a) It is assumed that when a vertical load is applied to the surface of the bed, it is transmitted through the stone bed to the ground, spreading to the sides at an angle = 45 °. Thus, with the width of the base of the structure B and the thickness of the stone bed h, the pressure on the ground (under the stone bed) is transmitted at a width Bg = B + 2h.

b) In this case, it is assumed that the pressure on the soil is evenly distributed, with the same intensity, both along the axis of the structure and along the edges of g.

c) Instead of the original design scheme of the structure located on the surface of the stone bed, a new design scheme of the structure buried in the ground to a depth h (the height of the stone bed), with a width equal to Bg = B + 2h, is adopted. In this case, the initial vertical load increases by the size of the weight of the bed, and the horizontal one remains in the same size.

d) Having built such an artificial calculation scheme, the Gersevanov method is applied to it without any corrections in it, taking the performed transformations as indisputable truths and calling the whole calculation the calculation method according to Gersevanov (apparently, without the consent and knowledge of Prof. Gersevanov himself).

e) With an uneven load on a stone bed, an uneven load on the soil is obtained. In this case, when switching from non-uniform loads to uniform, Gersevanov’s usual technique is used, calculated on the width of the structure B0 = 2B, where the distance is the resultant of vertical loads from a more loaded rib. Lovely Day is a creative and professional event agency in Dubai. Our experienced team will provide you a stress- and hassle-free wedding planning services and coordination. White sand, azure sea, and exotic palm trees around - that’s what you can imagine for having your wedding in Dubai . We will make sure that every part of your destination wedding goes smoothly and your wedding day will be a day to remember.