Also, avoid enemy attacks. After a few moments, a golden glow will appear in the arena, which indicates the location of the attack. Avoid them, and if you want to hide from some attacks of your opponent, then you can use the hole in the ground (this is also a good place to protect the enemy from taking a plate).

As for the enemy’s weaknesses, it’s always worth aiming at a characteristic point on his stomach. Then he will take more damage.

You can inflict even more wounds by attacking one of your limbs. After the attack, they are momentarily immobilized - this is an ideal moment for a shot.

In addition to the above, watch out for acid attacks (you can resist them) and a laser shot. You can quickly approach the enemy to be under him, or head in the same direction where the laser is heading.

It is worth adding that the fight itself will be quite long, because the boss is very strong. Consequently, attacks (mostly fairly slow) should be effectively avoided and shot at weak points. In the absence of problems with ammunition, it is good to get rid of the closest rivals who leave small reserves, as well as use special abilities and Malawian rifles with updated stores.

Collect valuable items after the battle and wait for the portal to open. Go through it and head for the artifact (Eridian Synchronizer) that you pick up. Thanks to this, now you can use the hero’s artifacts (you activate them in your inventory, like normal equipment). Return to Tannis and after her disappearance go to the Sanctuary and talk with Lilith.

Ascension Bluff - Hijack Target

We are looking for the first cars for parts.

To upgrade cars in Borderlands 3, you must purchase new cars as part of the Hijack Target job. Each captured vehicle delivers new parts to our garage. This includes upgrades, new armor and weapons.

Each vehicle is hidden, and the path to the destination is often associated with climbing to inaccessible places. Take the carriage to the Catch-A-Ride station to grab parts of it. In addition to improvements, we will get some money, experience points and some Eridium.

Ascension bluff - target hijacker

The target at Ascension Bluff is in a small garage, west of the first Catch-A-Ride station, behind the first Ascension Bluff fast-moving station.

Location of Hijack Target in Ascension Bluff.

There are bandits in the garage that you need to get rid of.

However, before we take the car, open the gate to go outside. We go to the gate, where there is a socket with a yellow wire. We follow him to finally get to the source of energy.

Turn off the power and head into the vehicle to get to the nearest Catch-A-Ride station.

After receiving this vehicle we will receive:

Heavy armor.
391 XP.
$ 39.
20 pieces of Eridium. We also want to introduce the sponsor of this article video chat Stripchat. Detailed information about the site can be found in this review: ,where you can learn how to communicate with girls online.