Description: Acrobatics is an effective jumping skill. In addition to increasing the range of the jump, it minimizes the damage received when falling from a height.

Control attribute: speed.

Student Skills: You can perform normal attacks while jumping or falling.

Apprentice skills: the ability to dodge (performed by holding the block and jumping during an attack).

Expert Skills: loss of fatigue when jumping in half.

Skill: the ability to jump on the surface of the water.

Normal training: jumping and falling from a height.

Low level trainers: Quill-Weave (Anvil), Ida Vlimanman (Imperial City Elven Gardens).

Mid-level trainers: Tsrava (Leyavin), Ganredhel (Cheydinhal).


Description: Alchemy is the ability to mix potions and poisons from ingredients found throughout Cyrodiil using special equipment: Mortar & Pestle (required to start cooking something), Retort (increases the amount and duration of all positive effects), Calcinator (increases the magnitude and duration of all effects), Alembic (reduces the duration of all negative effects). Alembic and Retort do not affect poisons. Higher level alchemical equipment is obviously Belter, but requires higher threshold levels.

Control Attribute: Intelligence.

Student Skills: You can see two of the four effects of the ingredients.

Apprentice Skill: You can see three of the four effects of the ingredients.

Expert Skills: You can see all the effects of the ingredients.

Craftsmanship: You can make potions from individual samples.

Normal training: mixing potions and poisons.

Low level trainers: Felen Relas (Mages Guild, Anvil), S'Drassa (Mages Guild, Leyavin).

Mid-level trainers: Ardalin (Mages Guild, Bravil), Brotch Kalus (Bruma).

Head coach: Cinderion (basement West Weald Inn w Skingrad).

Assignment of the master trainer: Cinderion wants you to bring him bottles of Tam 399 and Surilie Brothers wines from Lear 399. He can be found in different places, the closest of which seems to be in the wine cellar of Skingrad Castle.

Books: Calcinator's Treatise (for example, the award in the quest “Two Sides of the Coin”), De Rerum Dirennis (Alchemy of All Things, Skingrad), Mannimarco: King of Hearts (Mystical Archives at the University of Arcane), Song of the Alchemists (Lustratorium in Secret University).