Summer residents are well aware that the care of strawberries after harvest is simply necessary. The most important thing is to prepare the soil and get rid of a large number of weeds. After harvesting before the onset of cold weather, strawberries have time to grow well and take new shoots (mustache). Removable strawberries produce flower buds and in the fall there may be a second crop. Many gardeners recommend a complete pruning of bushes in the fall, but this can lead to a decrease in yield. Mostly tendrils, dry leaves are removed, preparation for the next season is necessary to collect a good harvest.
Autumn care
First of all, it is necessary to clean the beds from weeds, removing them is quite simple, because in the summer the main pests were removed and now the roots of the weeds have not yet strengthened. It is necessary to make hilling, and if a new antennae has appeared, cover them with earth. By spring, young strawberry bushes will appear. Fill bushes with fertilizers and carry out prophylaxis against fungi, viruses, powdery mildew. To prevent freezing, especially if the beds are on hills and open areas, it is necessary to fill the bushes with dry leaves, sawdust. During the winter, they will serve as a refuge from the frost and additional fertilizer.
Care before frost
Since strawberries mainly grow on open ground, it is necessary to consider additional warming. The roots of the bushes are close to the surface and often freeze in severe frosts, especially if the winter is not snowy. In this case, straw or dry branches are used, they completely cover the beds. But it’s not much to force so that there is air circulation, otherwise fungal root diseases can develop. Burlap, cotton canvas and matting are also well suited. Do not cover with artificial materials such as tarpaulin or oilcloth, air does not enter and also strawberries will become infected with fungus, rot or mold. Do not remove shelters in early spring; strawberries cannot tolerate frost.
Strawberries, which are properly looked after, take a lot of time and effort, but always bring you a plentiful harvest. Proper planting, compliance with all growing rules, and not using chemical additives will result in sweet, large berries that are not only tasty, but also incredibly healthy. After all, strawberries ripen before all berries and fruits, it gives our body a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, so necessary after winter. It is believed that if there are berries every day, during the period when the strawberries bear fruit, then you can completely restore your immunity. Be sure to plant strawberries in your garden, harvest and be healthy! Our great atmosphere and safe environment make it super easy for you to fall in love with our sexy chat If you want to enjoy some flirting, chatting and sexting and have some fun with local sexy girls then you need to get online and use a sexy chat room.