James and OB of Jus' Sail
James with First Mate and former training program student O’Brian Forde, who won 2017 Caribbean Employee of the Year at Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

James Crockett of boat tour operator Jus’ Sail in Saint Lucia, West Indies (the Caribbean), in this interview shares his experience as responsible tourism entrepreneur. He tells us how, through innovative entrepreneurship, the award-winning Jus’ Sail is helping local youth to understand and embrace sustainability.

Learn about:

  • How the sailing charter and boat tour operator Jus’ Sail in Saint Lucia (Caribbean) approaches sustainability;
  • The challenges James Crockett faces as responsible tourism entrepreneur, and how he deals with them;
  • The most important thing he learned during his postgraduate studies, and his time “on board”;
  • How Jus’ Sail engages adolescents with sustainability;
  • What to keep in mind when implementing community programmes in tourism;
  • Whether being a finalist of the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow awards has had an impact on the business.

James, do you remember what made you turn your passion for environment and local cultures into a Master’s degree in responsible tourism? What triggered your interest?

My interest in responsible tourism was born from my passion for environmental issues and the sustainable development of SIDS in the Eastern Caribbean. From 1997-2001 I worked as an instructor and Captain for ActionQuest and SeaMester Programs, yacht based educational voyages for teens and college students. I was fortunate enough to sail the length of the Lesser Antilles from BVI to Grenada several times.

During those voyages, you saw the juxtaposition of tourism development, fragile ecosystems (often denuded) and poverty within local communities. There was a clear disconnect and the idea of pursuing a form of tourism that could be a driver for sustainable livelihoods and local economic development that also enhanced, not destroyed, the environment was compelling.

Interview with James Crockett of Jus Sail on How to Operate a Responsible Sailing Tour Business in the Caribbean
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