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Sustainability Leaders United celebrates and connects sustainable tourism champions and changemakers. Through our interviews we give changemakers an opportunity to share their learnings, success strategies, dreams and ambitions. And our panel of experts offers timely advice on trends, challenges and how to make it happen.

The project was founded in New Zealand back in 2014, by Florian Kaefer and Natàlia Ferrer Roca. The motivation was – and still is – to encourage tourism professionals to embrace sustainability and to recognize its potential for making tourism more resilient and better for communities and the natural environment.

Now based in Switzerland, Florian continues to develop and manage SLU as a private initiative, supported by collaborators around the world – most notably Supriya AN, our social media ninja and editorial wizard.

In mid-2022 “Sustainability Leaders United” was born – replacing “Sustainability Leaders Project” alongside a complete redesign of the website, attributed to the project’s growing success.

Apart from his work as editor and project lead, Florian supports organizations as communications specialist and speaks at events . His most recent book, Sustainability Leadership in Tourism: Interviews, Insights and Knowledge from Practice (Springer, 2022) is a summary of Know How gained from interviewing over 250 leaders and changemakers, in addition to over one hundred portraits which form the second part of the book. More about the book here.


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Sustainability Leaders United is transforming businesses and communities by inspiring professionals through stories and examples, and by transferring knowledge and ideas across borders and disciplinary boundaries.

We are keen to work with like-minded individuals, brands and institutions that are committed to ensuring the livability and sustainability of our planet – tourism and beyond. Please email Florian for details on partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

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"Sustainability Leaders United has been a fantastic way of connecting with organizations seeking insights into sustainable tourism and hospitality. Florian and the team provide professional vetting to ensure the best possible fit between event organizers and speakers. The process creates a win-win for organizations and speakers: I am able to add value for event organizers through tailored presentations while advancing my mission of promoting the importance of sustainability in the tourism system."

Dr Jonathon Day

Dr Jonathon Day