What makes the Sustainability Leaders Project unique? Here are some testimonials from sustainable tourism researchers and practitioners:

Kathleen Pessolano interview“The Sustainability Leaders Project is a valuable voice in the responsible tourism discussion. I read its incisive interviews and articles to learn about good practice examples, stay informed about colleagues’ work, and even find potential partners and collaborators.”

Kathleen Pessolano, USA

Anna Alaman, Open Eyes Project“The Sustainability Leaders Project is one of these places where you feel proud to be part of it when you are selected. Some of the “gurus” in sustainability are featured here. It is a space to share experiences, learn from each other and to grow our responsible tourism network.”

Anna Alaman, India

Jonathon Day interview“The Sustainability Leaders Project is incredibly important. First – it is inspirational! The stories of each of these leaders serve as an incredible testimony to what can be done. Secondly – it shines a light on the thinkers and doers and shows a global community of like-minded people. So many advocates of sustainable tourism work in their own fields – unaware of the other “fellow travellers” facing similar issues. SLP proves that no one is alone as they work to promote sustainability in the tourism system.”

Jonathon Day, USA

James Crockett Jus Sail interviewIt is great to have this resource to come to for inspiration and to reinforce your knowledge of others working towards sustainability within the travel industry. So many champions doing great work go unnoticed and it is helpful that some of the hardest working and most passionate devotees to this mission get highlighted here and their work and insights shared.

James Crockett, St Lucia

Ary Suhandi interview“Simple and inspiring. Stories from inspiring people are very important. Considering all the negative events and actions in the world, we need to make people understand that there are still people with integrity and high spirits in keeping the world in good shape and harmony. I think it is our responsibility to spread news about these people to the global society; to inspire people to do the same in their own league, no matter how small it is.”

Ary Suhandi, Indonesia

Palitha Gurusinghe interview“I think the work you are doing under the Sustainability Leaders Project is great! Highlighting sustainability leadership examples across the world is a great contribution. The interviews with key players in the sustainable tourism world are a great source of inspiration to the leaders in the tourism industry. Reading through the interviews one can learn very interesting and valuable facets about the sustainable tourism world.”

Palitha Gurusinghe, Sri Lanka


Karma Tshering interview“The Sustainability Leaders Project is a great platform to provide inspiration and give impetus to spreading sustainable tourism. Through its networking it is able to solicit information from experienced and visionary individuals and advocate it to strengthen the understanding and applications of sustainable tourism. This is truly a noble initiative and commitment from the team. Your efforts are highly commendable.”

Karma Tshering, Bhutan

Steve Noakes interview“The Sustainability Leaders project fills a gap. It gives travellers, businesses, policy makers, students, NGOs, development agencies and others who might be interested, the opportunity to get an insight into ‘how’ and ‘what’ experienced players in the sustainable tourism field have done or are doing.”

Steve Noakes, Australia