Meet world’s leading sustainable tourism champions: hear their stories, join us in celebrating their success and learn from their experiences. Be inspired!

The Sustainability Leaders Project, in a nutshell:

200+ interviews with sustainable tourism changemakers

Sustainability champions from around the world tell their story and share their experience of making tourism more responsible and sustainable. A unique collection of portraits, full of inspiring stories, inspiration and hands-on advice.

For professionals: sustainable tourism advice

The call for sustainability is becoming louder in the world of tourism, which raises the question for many hoteliers, tour operators and destination managers how to approach sustainable tourism, and how turn it into a business opportunity and competitive advantage?

In our sustainable tourism knowledge hub you’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • What is sustainable tourism?
  • Which are the challenges and trends?
  • How to identify and manage sustainability priorities?
  • Where do you start if you want to make your hotel, tour business or destination more sustainable?
  • How can DMOs support the sustainable development of their destination?

We invite our panel of sustainable tourism experts to answer such questions. Especially popular: sustainable tourism challenges and trends in 2019.

Need help?

Check our list of recommended consultants, specialized in helping tourism businesses and destinations to become more sustainable.

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For travelers: Sustainability Leaders Collection

We love to travel and over the years have had the chance to experience many truly inspiring, unique and forward-looking hotels, tours and destinations. You are a conscious traveler looking for something special? Our collection of hotels, tours and destinations has many experiences waiting for you: