Sustainable tourism expert panel

Leading tourism and sustainability professionals – practitioners and academics – share their views on trends, challenges and solutions.

Panel members

In alphabetical order:

Albert Salman
Albert Salman Netherlands
Amine Ahlafi
Amine Ahlafi Morocco
Anna Alaman
Anna Alaman India
Anna Pollock
Anna Pollock UK
Anna Spenceley
Anna Spenceley Papua New Guinea
Brian Mullis
Brian Mullis USA
Dagmar Lund-Durlacher
Dagmar Lund-Durlacher Austria
Fiona Jeffery
Fiona Jeffery United Kingdom
Gavin Bate
Gavin Bate United Kingdom
Gianna Moscardo
Gianna Moscardo Australia
Jana Apih
Jana Apih Slovenia
Jens Thraenhart
Jens Thraenhart Barbados
Jeremy Sampson
Jeremy Sampson UK
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith France
Jonathan Tourtellot
Jonathan Tourtellot USA
Jonathon Day
Jonathon Day USA
Kelly Bricker
Kelly Bricker USA
Kirsi Hyvaerinen
Kirsi Hyvaerinen Montenegro
Koko Tang
Koko Tang China
Lucy McCombes
Lucy McCombes United Kingdom
Maja Pak
Maja Pak Slovenia
Marcus Cotton
Marcus Cotton Nepal
Masaru Takayama
Masaru Takayama Japan
Natalia Naranjo
Natalia Naranjo Colombia
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers Australia
Peter Richards
Peter Richards Myanmar
Philippe  Moreau
Philippe Moreau Portugal
Rachel  Dodds
Rachel Dodds Canada
Raj  Gyawali
Raj Gyawali Nepal
Richard Butler
Richard Butler United Kingdom
Roi Ariel
Roi Ariel Taiwan
Ronald Sanabria
Ronald Sanabria Costa Rica
Salli Felton
Salli Felton United Kingdom
Shannon Guihan
Shannon Guihan Canada
Steve Noakes
Steve Noakes Australia
Urs Wagenseil
Urs Wagenseil Switzerland
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith United Kingdom
Vik Nair
Vik Nair The Bahamas
Willy Legrand
Willy Legrand Germany
Wolfgang Strasdas
Wolfgang Strasdas Germany

How we select our panel participants:

In order to be invited to join, panel members must have been interviewed by Sustainability Leaders United. This in turn requires to have been nominated for an interview by someone who has been previously interviewed.