Nick Roucos, manager Inspira Santa Marta hotel Lisbon

Most successful hotels now embrace sustainability – one way or another. Few, however, manage to implement environmental and social best practice and at the same time provide the high standards and comfort which sets a hotel apart from the omnipresent Airbnb hosting opportunity.

Opened in 2010, 89-rooms boutique hotel Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon, Portugal, ticks those boxes. In this interview, hotel manager Nicolas Roucos tells us why and how the four-star boutique accommodation puts sustainability at the core of the hotel’s strategy and operations.

Learn about:

  • Why Inspira Santa Marta decided to focus on sustainability as a key hotel strategy;
  • Which sustainability features and initiatives Nicolas is particularly fond of;
  • The main challenges and hurdles to overcome, in terms of sustainable operations;
  • Which have been the key benefits for the hotel;
  • Advice to hoteliers eager to improve their property’s sustainability performance.

Nicolas, when did you first hear about sustainability in tourism?

Resort hotels were one of the pioneers and have been concerned with sustainability and the impact on the environment from the beginning of the 90’s. First time I experienced sustainability in hospitality was at a resort during my honeymoon trip to Mauritius in 1994.

Interview with Nicolas Roucos, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal
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