Sustainable tourism academics around the world in our interviews share their stories and experiences of researching and teaching tourism and sustainability to students. Learn how research on sustainable tourism has changed, and which are the challenges of tourism higher education.
Sustainable tourism research insights
Our sustainable tourism academics also discuss their latest research insights and publications, which include many topics linked to tourism. Some of them are sustainable destinations, business innovation, sustainable tourism entrepreneurship and its challenges, among many other.
Find your sustainable tourism masters or PhD supervisor
If you are looking for a masters degree in sustainable tourism, then our interviews will help you decide where to go. Likewise, you might consider a PhD on tourism and sustainability. If so, feel free to browse through the interviews for ideas on who might be a good supervisor.

By the way, our interviews with sustainable tourism academics are based on peer-nomination. This means that we only feature teachers and researchers who have been nominated by at least one previous interviewee.