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PRÁTTO is ancient Greek for “I do, I act”. In tourism and destination development, we help businesses and places keep their promises. By finding together the right questions first, for making, maintaining, and measuring what matters in the long run.

Located in Šavnik, Montenegro

Five hashtags which best describe your business?

  • #valuenotvolume
  • #keepthepromise
  • #difficultisworthdoing
  • #ifnotnowwhenthen
  • #happytohelp

Prátto Consulting focuses on:

  • Destination management
  • Accountability, cooperation & communication
  • Community- and nature-based development
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Adventure travel
  • Smart solutions, digitalization

Who is leading PRÁTTO Consulting?

Kirsi HyvaerinenKirsi Hyvaerinnen | As consultant and facilitator, Kirsi focuses on sustainable tourism, capacity building, organizational change, product diversification in emerging and developed destinations, branding and marketing.

Kirsi has worked at the intersection of destinations, associations, NGOs, small and medium-sized businesses, international development agencies, local and national governments since the mid-90s. She supports their joint development from master planning to operational excellence, as well as market access of new nature-based tourism products.

Prior to founding PRÁTTO Consulting in Montenegro in 2013, Kirsi worked as B2B marketer for Latin American destinations and SME (1995-1998), further as a regional DMO director in the Black Forest, supporting new rural, active and cultural tourism development.

In her role as senior advisor (2006 – 2013) to the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, she worked closely with the ministry, NTO management and team, linking with hundreds of national and international stakeholders and partners.

In her former position as a specialist of Travel, Leisure and Tourism at KPMG Consulting (later BearingPoint) Kirsi worked 2001-2008 with a diverse range of clients, from leading travel technology providers to emerging destinations.

Today, she is co-founder and partner of ITB Advisory, as well as chapter leader of the Travel Massive Montenegro network. Since 2018, she serves in the Management Board of the Global Ecotourism Network.

In education and research, Kirsi is a regular guest lecturer at European universities specializing on sustainable development, tourism management and marketing. Under her project management since 2003, the VDR Business Travel Report Germany delivers representative facts and trends on occupational mobility.

Of Finnish origin, Kirsi loves the great outdoors and its protection is close to her heart. She holds a degree in Business Administration (Tourism Management and Marketing) from Heilbronn University, Germany.

How do you contribute to the sustainability of tourism businesses and destinations?

By advising, educating, and helping to bring the process to life. The individual situation – where things are at inside and around a business or destination – are vastly different, so there is no “one size fits all”.

However, the GSTC Criteria with the Green Destinations proven approach are very helpful for me and my partners.

Your advice to businesses and destinations seeking to become more sustainable?

  • Take very good care of your people and your institutional memory – whichever kind or size of an organization, business or destination you are, managing the knowledge, lessons learned, skills and good practices is powerful. Letting those go when people change is a huge mistake.
  • Be very clear about what is the deep purpose of your work – the “reason for being”.
  • No one survives in isolation, and this world is a network now more than ever – networking is never a one-way street. In an organization, the weakest link is often the most important one; think about that pivotal person who has the first client contact, for example.
  • Treat accountability as the fourth pillar of sustainability and think about what it means if you are a policy-maker, a business leader – or at any position of an organization or a project.
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